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All About Adult Webcam Chats

Live sex shows on webcams aren’t such a news, probably many of you surfing on some porn sites like, or will definitely ended up there without even realizing it; by clicking on a xxx video, annoying windows often open, showing an attractive girl in front of her webcam while she’s intent in chatting with someone. Who knows how many windows of this type you have closed through the years, hundreds, thousands or even millions? 🙂
Well, if now you got tired of the usual porn videos, and you want to feel the thrill launching into a hot videochat with a handsome girl, this is the right place to get clear informations among all the sexy webcams sites thronging the web.

Fact or Fiction?


What many of you would surely wondered about, seeing those beautiful girls live chatting, is if they’re doing it for real or it’s just the same banal registered tape. The first time, not being aware of sexy webcams, since I’m a suspicious person, I thought it was all a scam to steal money to the unaware people on the other side, also because when I tried to write something on chat no one ever considered me, so my theory didn’t bat an eye: is it possible that I write and no one answers? It must be fake! But then, moved by curiosity and desire to try new things, after some time I decided to register and to purchase some credits, necessary to see those phantasmal private shows; if all else fails, I’d thrown in the bin a few dozens of dollars…But I didn’t care at all, because I had the possibility of seeing my dream girl touching in front of me!
Well, I’m not willing to ruin the surprise (after all, if you read this, you also want to learn something more), but after several years in video chats on these websites, I can guarantee that girls are real, and they’re really connected live with you, waiting to fulfill your more obscene desires! Of course, there won’t be anything really romantic, since the girls do it mainly to earn money, but, whatever, the goal isn’t to find the woman of our lives in there anyway.

Registration and purchase of credits


Registration is unfortunately essential: without this, you can take off your mind to have the least chance to talk to the girls, even if many sites allow you to chat without doing it, but be sure that you won’t have any confrontation from the girls, because not being registered means not being able to spend.
Registration is nothing difficult, anyway, and on sexy cams websites it’s really simple and fast, it only takes a few seconds to complete it. For example, on, which is the first one I registered to many years ago, it only needs to insert username, password and the usual mail, and now, differently than when I did it, they also give you 9.99 credits. What do you need them for, you might ask? If you read above, you would have discovered that the girls don’t get naked and masturbate in front of everyone just for plain exhibitionism; they do it because they have their own personal profit, so credits will be needed to watch in a more intimate way your favorite girls. That’s the reason why there are so many girls online willing to get naked and masturbate in front of you, because they earn money! If you think they would do it just because you are nice or cute, you are in the wrong place, so if you don’t have some dollars to invest on it, it’s better if you forget about it!
In case you have decided to take the plunge and register at LiveJasmin, as I did the former days, remember that you will have almost 10 free credits, which, to try a few minutes and familiarize yourself, are fair enough! If you then decide to keep on using it, just hook a credit card to your profile, also a rechargeable one, and purchase one of the several packages offered (the more they cost, the more credits you get).

Sexy shows on webcams


Once registered, you will notice that the girls will now give you a little more credence, and you know why? Not because you have recharged the account, but rather because once you’re registered, you become officially members (with a different color than the others), and then, as members, you may also spend, as opposed to before.
Each site of sexy videochat adopts this or other systems to differentiate who is actually registered by those who aren’t, so that’s why if you aren’t registered, no one will give you credence, very often … You can’t spend!!
By registering, you finally get some answers, but the biggest attention will be in the private chat with you, because the girl will be dedicated exclusively to you; over time, I discovered that some girls are on multiple sites at once, so, until you won’t move to private chats, they’re unlikely to give you much credence, as they have 3/4 chat screens open at the same time.
Each girl decides how much to ask: it starts from 1.99 credits per minute, up to 4.99 or more (it also depends on the site), so with your 10 free credits to LiveJasmin you can make a private sexy videochat of 5 minutes with a girl asking 1.99 / min. To not spend precious pennies unnecessarily, take a look before at her profile to understand more or less what kind of performance she will do in private, and ask her directly confirmation in the public chat. Once you are convinced that she is your dream girl, you can jump-start private videochat by clicking on the button; after the first usual questions, you can straight begin to ask her to undress and to do other sexy tricks in front of you.

Which sites to prefer?

So many cam sites have sprung up around, but most of them often don’t have a lot of online girls, so I prefer to always use the historical websites, also because they give me greater assurance of reliability and safety, as well as giving often extra credits or free shows. So, besides, I also visit and often.
Since describing each feature of these sites would be quite boring, I will focus on the functions that I prefer more on each one, leaving you then the task of discovering the others.




The best features


The feature that I absolutely prefer on cam websites is that you can see the various webcams’ streams simultaneously, without having to click each time the image and wait for the stream to be loaded (as it was once). Unfortunately, the only site with this function is Imlive, by clicking “Multi-Viewer”, or click the following link, it will show up to 6 streams simultaneously, so scrolling among the cams will be much easier and faster than on other sites, on the condition that you have a good internet connection and a pc, otherwise, by means of smartphone and tablet this feature is not available. I suggest you to open chats by right-clicking the mouse on “free video chat” so that you can then select “Open link in new tab”; by doing so, you don’t miss the old window with streams yet to display.


LiveJasmin had a similar feature in the previous version, but it’s been left to give room to a more mobile friendly version of the site, by making it more suitable to be used on tablets and smartphones, which now are replacing the old and bulky pc most likely in any house.
So, if on one hand LiveJasmin doesn’t stand out for any unusual feature, on the other side I think it’s more immediate and fast for what we’re interested in: videochatting with any device we connect with, wheter it will be pc, smartphone or tablet. I appreciate mostly the responsiveness with which the site responds to inputs, so I favor it if I have to connect by smarthphone or tablet. To be concluded, I’d say that if you can’t enjoy the use of a pc, LiveJasmin surely deserves your attention.


Streamate doesn’t allow to watch many streaming simultaneously and it’s slightly slower than the other two, but it’s the one with the majority of online girls, many of which are american college students, in addition to several pornstars who perform daily; so, if you want to speak in english with real made in USA girls, this is the best choice. The hassle is you have to wait for the stream to be loaded individually, in fact, if I don’t have much time to devote to it, I prefer the other two. What I like most of Streamate are the “gold shows”: the girl aims to a target, for example $ 80 , and a maximum time to reach it; those who want to attend her sexy show will have to pay a fee, which is usually 4 dollars; as soon as you reach the quota, the show will start and who paid the “ticket” will assist; in the case it’s not reached because timeout has expired, the girl may decide to start over or to continue with private shows.

Well, I think I told you enough, bye bye.